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Major Requirements

Major Requirements (Physics B.A., B.S):  The physics B.A. consists of nine physics courses and five mathematics courses.  The Physics B.S. requires an additional 12 credits of physics electives. The Physics B.A. and the Physics B.S. requirements include the completion of a minimum of 54 and 66 credits, respectively, in courses that satisfy major requirements.

Physics B.A. (normally 56 credits):


•    MTH1217, MTH1218, MTH2219 Calculus I, II, and III

•    MTH 2220 Differential Equations, MTH 3335 Linear Algebra (or suitable alternates chosen in consultation with and approved by the Physics Department)


•    PHY2211, PHY2212 Physics I, II

•    PHY2241 Modern Physics

•    PHY 3304 Thermal Physics

•    PHY3311 Analytical Mechanics I

•    PHY3345 Electromagnetic Theory I

•    PHY4412 Quantum Mechanics I

•    PHY4451 Advanced Laboratory

•    PHY 4500 Mathematical Physics

Physics B.S. (normally 68 credits):  Physics B.A. requirements plus 12 additional credits of physics-related electives chosen from among the following: 

•    Additional upper division Physics courses

•    AST1101 Introduction to Astronomy

•    Upper division courses from other departments approved by the Physics Department

Interdepartmental Contract Majors:  The fundamental nature and quantitative aspects of physics make it a natural framework for the construction of a wide range of interdisciplinary “interdepartmental contract majors.”  Students interested in this option should discuss the possibilities with a member of the physics department.