Graduate Admission

Grad Advantage FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the program

As long as you hold a 3.0 GPA and meet all prerequisites, you can apply for the Grad Advantage program.

What do I have to do?

Start working with your academic advisor to plan your courses around the program - ideally as early as freshman year. Return your completed Intent to Pursue form and complete the online application. All additional application requirements will be waived. Then, take up to two graduate courses during your senior year, if your schedule allows. You can continue in the program as long as you earn a B or better in those graduate courses and maintain a 3.0 GPA during your senior undergraduate year.

How do I enter GRAD Advantage?

Start working with your academic advisor to plan your courses around the program - ideally as early as freshman year. Return your completed Intent to Pursue form to your intended program’s contact, and complete the free online application.

What if I am unable or choose not to take graduate courses as a senior?

Even if you choose not to take courses through GRAD Advantage as an undergraduate, you may still take graduate courses up to one calendar year after you graduate, which will be covered by the GRAD Advantage scholarship. After one year, however, you must apply via the standard application process, which is subject to a different scholarship amount.

What if I am interested in a fellowship?

All Merrimack fellowship programs have a separate application process and admission requirements. Fellowships do not qualify for the GRAD Advantage program.

How long does it take?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Merrimack, most fulltime students complete their graduate program in one year. However, our graduate programs are flexible, allowing you to attend part-time, at your own pace. See specific program requirements and deadlines.

How does the scholarship opportunity work?

The Merrimack GRAD Advantage scholarship program covers the cost of two graduate courses taken during your senior undergraduate year. The value of this scholarship varies based on the number of credits each course provides. If it’s fully applied to your senior year courses, the scholarship will no longer apply after graduation; if not, it will be prorated and applied to your graduate studies based on your credit load. You’ll need to inform the Office of Graduate Admission if your credit load changes at any point during the academic year, as this directly impacts your scholarship amount.

All students who are admitted to the Grad Advantage program will qualify to take up to two graduate classes during their senior year. Any student who is admitted to a Fellowship or Assistantship program upon the start of his or her graduate program will forgo any GRAD Advantage scholarship remaining.

Can I still get financial aid?

Please note that graduate credits taken as part of the GRAD Advantage program will not count towards your full-time status as an undergraduate student. As stated in Merrimack College’s undergraduate catalog, students enrolled in 11 undergraduate credits or less per semester are considered part-time. Students considering part-time enrollment should be aware that part-time students may be ineligible for campus housing and financial aid, risk any scholarships you may have, and may not participate on varsity athletic teams. Students considering part-time status should be aware that many health plans will cover dependent children over age 19 only if they are full-time students.