Graduate Admission

Grad Advantage Timeline

Grad Advantage

Here’s a timeline to help you plan ahead to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 5 years with GRAD Advantage.

Freshman Year

Think ahead! Planning is the key to graduating in five years with both your bachelor’s and your master’s degrees. Think about your future career goals and talk with your academic advisor about exploring those options.

Sophomore year

One year closer! Continue to work with your academic advisor to evaluate your academic progress.

Junior Year

Fall Semester – Before you register for spring courses, ask your advisor if you’re eligible for the GRAD Advantage program and what you can do now to make sure that your schedule allows you to take up to two graduate courses during your senior year.

Spring semester – Check in with your academic advisor to be sure you are on track to meet the GRAD Advantage requirements, and that you are registering for the appropriate senior year courses. Complete the Intent to Pursue form and ask your graduate program contact to review your transcript, and sign off on your senior year graduate course(s).

Senior Year

Fall Semester
Work with your advisor to register for your spring semester classes and complete the online graduate application. Keep in mind that you can only take up to five courses per semester at the undergraduate tuition rate, and graduate courses do not count toward your bachelor’s degree.

Spring semester – Begin your graduate course(s).