Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

At Merrimack’s Girard School of Business, you’ll find our innovative curriculum prepares you for leadership roles in society and enables you to be effective in the world’s rapidly changing business environment. 

Committed to the highest standards of teaching and research, our unique approach to business education includes a strong foundation in the liberal arts, as well as a solid background in business.

All Business Administration majors must satisfy the following requirements:

  • A. The College’s general education requirements
  • B. The Business Administration major requirements 

Girard School Requirements taken in other divisions of Merrimack College:

ECO 1203 Principles of Microeconomics (4 cr.) (Cognate Req)
MTH 1003 Math for Business (4 cr.) (Cognate Req) OR
MTH1115 Calculus and Quantitative Methods for Business

Required Courses

BUS 1100 Introduction to Business (4 cr.)
BUS 2203 Accounting for Business (4 cr.)
BUS 2205 Principles of Marketing (4 cr.)
BUS 2210 Management Information Systems (4 cr.)
BUS 2213 Business Statistics (4 cr.)
BUS 2215 Managerial Finance (4 cr.)
BUS 2220 Operations Management (4 cr.)
BUS 4402W Strategic Analysis & Decision Making (4 cr.)

Management Concentration Requirements

MGT 3310 Organizational Behavior (4 cr.)
MGT 3330 Legal Environment of Business (4 cr.)
                 Three Management Electives (4 cr.)

Accounting Concentration Major Requirements

ACC 3303 Intermediate Accounting I (4 cr.)
ACC 3304 Intermediate Accounting II (4 cr.)
ACC 3308 Cost Accounting (4 cr.)
ACC 4406 Advanced Accounting (4 cr.)
ACC 4407 Taxes (4 cr.)
ACC 4408 Auditing (4 cr.)

Students will also need to complete the core institutional requirements to earn a degree.