Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 24-month cohort program?

The 24-month cohort program is a full-time evening model which allows you to finish your Bachelor’s degree in two years (6 semesters). You will take your sequence of courses and complete your degree with the same group of students (a cohort). The Office of Professional Studies will register you for all of your classes. Books and meals are provided and are included in the cost of tuition. Our program is designed to provide make earning your Bachelor’s degree as convenient as possible for you. 

What is a cohort model?

The cohort model is a full-time program, designed for you to graduate in two years. You’ll go through the program with the same core group of students. In the part-time model, students may take one or two classes at a time, but will follow the same sequence of courses throughout the program.

What is the cost for the 24-month cohort model?

$415 per credit which includes the cost of books and and meals during on-campus class times. There is also a comprehensive fee of $375 and parking fee of $130 for the year.

What is the schedule for the 24-month cohort?

The 24-month cohort model consists six semesters (2 summer, 2 fall, and 2 spring semesters).  There are three classes during the fall and spring semesters, and two classes during the summer semesters.  Classes run from 6-9:50 pm on campus.  Some hybrid classes are held place every other Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 12 p.m (except in the summer).  The Bachelor Completion program  consists of sixteen 4-credit classes for a total of 64 credits.



How can I apply?

You may apply online. We offer a streamlined application process for you and do not use the Common Application.  Also, please attach a resume, personal statement and two letters of recommendation.

Official transcripts from all previous institutions will need to be sent to the Office of Professional Studies.  If you have questions about the application process, please call us at 978-837-5484.

What is a personal statement?

The purpose of a written personal statement is to provide further insight into the applicant’s:

  • Intent in applying to a program
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Personal and professional accomplishments and experiences
  • Educational goals and expectations from the program

The personal statement should be two pages typed (500-1,000 words) and double spaced. Care in preparing this statement is strongly encouraged.

How do I obtain my academic transcripts?

Contact the Registrar’s Office at your transferring college or university to request an official transcript.

  • In order for a transcript to be “official,” it must be in a sealed envelope from the transferring college or university
  • Be sure to confirm with the institution’s Registrar’s Office whether your classes were undergraduate, graduate, or both.

What kind of resume do I need?

Please include a resume that reflects your academic and professional qualifications.

Is there an application fee for Merrimack?

No, there is no application fee. 

Who should I ask for a recommendation?

Recommendations should be provided from employers, supervisors, professors or others who are able to comment on your professional and educational goals and potential. Recommendations from relatives or personal friends are not acceptable.


Financial Aid

I need financial aid, what should I do?

All full-time students (students taking 12 credits per semester)may qualify for financial aid in the form of federal/state grant or loan programs. Students taking 8 credits may also be eligible for Federal loans or grant programs. Eligibility is based upon enrollment status.                

You may apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.govIn order to be considered for the maximum in federal and state funding, it is necessary to submit your FAFSA by May 1.  Please be sure to add Merrimack’s school code (002120) to ensure your FAFSA is received.

Note: You may still apply for financial aid after the May 1 deadline, but may not be considered for all types of available funds.

For questions or to learn more about your financial aid options, please call us at 978-837-5484.   

Is there a payment plan available to students taking the bachelor completion program?

Yes, there is a payment plan available for students.  Students have the option of participating in the TMS payment plan for a small fee to break up tuition payments into three or four payments.  

Are Merrimack College programs accredited?

All programs and courses are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. 

Does FAFSA cover federal and state?

FAFSA is one application and it is the only application required for both federal and state aid.