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World Languages Programs

World Languages Program

Advance your knowledge while bringing valuable strategies and lesson plans back to your classroom.

Engage in a wide array of innovative, active, and content rich programs that range from comprehensive grammar reviews to the exploration of social justice issues. These courses, designed for teachers K-12, offer professional development points or non-degree graduate credits.

Courses offered:

GIE517C Momentos históricos a través de la música

October 29-December 19

Guided Online Independent Study

Music can be a great resource for Spanish teachers. Songs have historical meaning that students have to work to uncover and often reflects the time in which it was created, as well as the perspective of its author.  In this course we will explore why the artist wrote the lyrics, uncover what those lyrics mean, who the audience for the song was, and what was going on history at the time. We will pair the song with other sources—newspaper articles, radio addresses, videos, biographies, etc. — so your can piece together and better understand a particular historical era. Each week, participants will study the online content, complete activities and share teaching strategies for integrating Spanish songs into their own classes. This course requires Internet access and all materials must be posted on the Blackboard course management system (CMS). Conducted in Spanish. 

Instructor: Mellissia Walles, Adjunct Lecturer, World Languages and Cultures


GIE538C Latin American Short Story

October 29-December 19

Guided Online Independent Study

Participants will develop knowledge of the history of the Latin-American short story and its literary, historical, and cultural contexts. Participants will read and analyze several short stories to understand the Short story as one of the most significant literary manifestations of the Twentieth Century that represents the literary and cultural traditions. This course will be conducted entirely in Spanish with occasional reading in English. Teacher will focus on helping participants improve their written language skills. Participants will keep a weekly journal, participate in board discussions using Blackboard, and develop a lesson plan that incorporates readings from this course

Instructor: Olyan Rosal, Adjunct Lecturer