About Us

Merrimack College is partnered with Nelnet/TMS to provide access to all student billing information and payment options via the Student Account Center (SAC).

Using the SAC, you and any of your authorized users can access billing statements, make payments and enroll in an optional monthly payment plan. 

Your account statement is called an eBill and can be viewed in the SAC. It will be the primary tool used to communicate your education costs at Merrimack.

How to Access the SAC

  1. Log in to MyMack.
  2. Click on Student Info on the top menu.
  3. Go to the Student Billing tab. (Here’s a quick link)
  4. Select Student Account Center. (section: Bursar Bookmarks)
  5. Review “Privacy Notice Disclosure and Acknowledgement,” check that you have read this and click “Continue.”
  6. Once signed in, select “Manage Account Access” and share access with additional family members or other participants who are frequently critical partners in this process. (An email with activation instructions will be sent to the invited participant.)

Authorized Users

When your student makes you an authorized user, you will receive an email with activation instructions. Please follow the instructions to register and bookmark merrimack.afford.com.

Please note that due to federal student privacy regulations, initial access to the SAC is granted only to your student and only your student is authorized to share their account. As an authorized user you will have the same account access as your student except you may not share access with others. 

Video: How to Use the SAC

Benefits of the SAC

  • You can share your info with multiple authorized users.
  • You and your authorized users will have immediate access to current and past billing statements.
  • Your billing, payment plans and online payments will be in one location.

Please note: eChecks are free through the SAC. There is a convenience fee associated with any credit card payments.


  • Your eBills are generated the first week of July for the fall and the first week of December for the spring for anyone who is registered.
  • Follow-up bills are generally run on or around the 15th of each month during a semester where a balance is still not satisfied.
  • Your eBills for the summer and winter are generally available a month before the semester starts.
  • You and your authorized users will receive an email each time a new eBill is available.

Please note: Your eBill is a snapshot of a point in time. To see the most recent changes made to your account, please log in to MyMack.


Email us with any questions or comments you may have.