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Rogers Center for the Arts

McCoy Gallery

James Fortune: Selves

October 19 - November 17, 2016

Reception: Sunday, October 16 3:00 - 5:00pm


       James Fortune examined the worlds of nature, history and pre-history along with the myths people have created about their own humanity. This exhibition presents a series of self portraits that were done in a variety of materials, demonstrating that artistic content can be understood as the joining of subject (what) and material technique (how). In addition to the portraits the show gathers together examples of works that take a broader look at how our cultural selves and nature blend. 

       Rangeing from small, quick studies of his own observations in the mirror to larger explorations that engage the forces that give shape to life, Fortune  was a visual wanderer whose work was emphatically figurative, experimental and disciplined    

       Fortune, who died in 2013, taught at Plymouth State University and made art for a period of over fifty years. The McCoy exhibition examines the self portraits and other series of works that include paintings, drawings collage and imagery developed using handmade papers.

Artwork of Jim Fortune



Steven Careau

Icons and Instruments, wall sculpture

August 29 - October 7, 2016

Reception and gallery talk:

    Thursday, September 15, 3:00-5:00 pm


           Steven Careau’s sculptures  serve as devices or tools that explore their wall territories as if they were claiming ownership. Made of hardwoods and metal, each piece measures its allotted space while suggesting alternative options of size and configuration, implying a capacity for adjustment to tasks and to the environment in which tasks are performed These are sculptures of both cognitive and physical reach.

 Steven Careau, C4               

           In his Artist Statement Careau offers this sense of intention:  

          Seen as both object and act, the work brings to mind exotic specimens, rare examples, caught and held, preserved unchanging. Removed from dirt, gravity, moisture, and strain, it leads the viewer from its material reality to the realm of the ideal, to thought and idea. This dynamic recurs throughout my work and is a defining principle of my artistic and intellectual identity. 


Coming Soon … 


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