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Long before he started teaching accounting courses at Merrimack College, Tony Daigle had a high opinion of the school’s undergraduate Accounting and Master of Accounting degrees.

“There’s a vast network of Merrimack alumni in the business world,” says Daigle, “especially in accounting. Every credible firm has someone who got an accounting degree from Merrimack. Even the biggest firms in Boston have partners who are proud Merrimack alums.”

Daigle, who earned his own master’s in accounting at another New England university, was struck by the strong connections these professionals maintained with Merrimack, years or even decades into their accounting careers.

“You’d see them proudly wearing their school gear,” he laughs. “They all talked favorably about Merrimack. And they were still involved. They were doing guest lectures in the accounting graduate classes. They were giving informational interviews to recent graduates. They were helping kids find the best accounting jobs.”

Their enduring commitment left Daigle duly impressed with Merrimack’s accounting degree programs.

“I used to think, ‘Whatever it is they are doing, they should keep doing it,’” he says. “I could see that Merrimack’s students get the same opportunities as graduates from bigger universities.”

Networking Puts Your Accounting Career on a Growth Trajectory

Deloitte tax accountant Nicholas Arndt credits Merrimack’s alumni network with helping him land a top accounting job.

“A Merrimack graduate who works at Deloitte helped me get an internship here,” says Arndt, who spent the 2018-19 academic year at Merrimack working on his master’s degree in accounting. “The firm was looking for resumes, and this alumnus reached out to one of my professors. That’s how they got my name.”

The three-month internship led to a full-time accounting job at Deloitte—and another successful connection for the Merrimack community.

“Our alumni network is very engaged,” Arndt says. “I think it’s because the master’s program in accounting at Merrimack College makes people feel welcome. You get to know people well, and there’s a real focus on career preparedness, and knowing how to put your best foot forward in the workforce.”

Networking plays a key role in starting an accounting career, Arndt says, and Merrimack’s graduate accounting program helps students build connections. Guest lectures, social gatherings, career fairs, and other events enable students who want to become an accountant to get acquainted with alumni who have accounting job openings to fill.

Alumni connections can be valuable even if they don’t lead directly to an accounting job, Arndt adds. Prior to getting his accounting master’s degree, Arndt had little familiarity with accounting information systems, government accounting, taxation, and other specialized content areas. Based on conversations with Merrimack alumni, he made sure to acquire that expertise and put it on his resume.

“Those are skills I’m using every day in my job,” he says. “I work with clients in a lot of different industries—software, biotech, life sciences, private equity. Having that broad skill base is really helpful for context.”

Here’s What It Takes to Land the Best Accounting Jobs

Here’s where the story comes full circle. Remember the accounting professor who forwarded Nicholas Arndt’s resume to the Merrimack alumnus at Deloitte? That was Tony Daigle.

He joined Merrimack as adjunct faculty in 2013, about a decade after launching his own CPA firm (Daigle & Associates). Daigle knew Merrimack offered strong accounting degrees because he’d worked with interns from the program and hired several graduates into full-time accounting jobs.

“We have certain criteria we’re looking for in our new hires,” he says. “They have to be able to multitask. They need a positive attitude. They have to be able to think creatively and solve problems.”

Daigle’s firm has grown to more than two dozen employees over the last 15 years. As new accounting jobs have opened up at his firm, he has repeatedly dipped into Merrimack’s well of talent.

“I hire a lot of Merrimack students,” he says. “These people meet the standards we set. They are absolutely prepared to enter the business world.”

“The master’s program in accounting at Merrimack College makes people feel welcome… There’s a real focus on career preparedness, and knowing how to put your best foot forward in the workforce.”

― Nicholas Arndt, Accounting ’19

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