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Student Emergency Fund

Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund assists students who have unexpected emergency expenses, and/or unexpected changes in their financial status. Learn more about how you may donate to the student emergency fund or how to apply for emergency fund assistance. 

There is no question that over the last several months COVID-19 has impacted the lives of millions across the globe, including our students. We are incredibly grateful to all of our alumni who have reached out asking how you can help Merrimack students as they are now facing unexpected challenges.

Additional Support for Our Students

As a testament to our Augustinian value of service to others and in the wake of this ongoing health crisis, Merrimack has established the Student Emergency Fund to assist those students who are facing additional financial hurdles due to COVID-19. Although Merrimack continues to provide significant scholarship and financial aid, many students need help above and beyond their financial aid packages to continue their education at Merrimack. Many of our students rely on part-time and/or summer work to help support their education, purchase academic-related materials and needed daily necessities.

What the Fund Provides

The Student Emergency Fund provides the Merrimack community with a way to help our most impacted students by providing funding or additional guidance and resources for students in need of assistance with:

  • Off-Campus Food/Toiletries
  • Off-Campus Shelter/Utilities
  • Online Learning-Related Expenses
  • Medication Expenses
  • Cost of Attendance or Financial Aid concerns for the upcoming academic year or any additional financial hardship that is COVID-19 related such as a parent losing a job, a student losing a job, additional COVID-19 expenses, etc.

How to Help

Donate below or email the Merrimack College Task Force if you know of a student that needs emergency assistance and/or you have any opportunities to hire a student part time.

For Students

Submit Emergency Fund Request

For more information on Merrimack’s response to COVID-19, please visit

Over the next several months this unprecedented crisis will continue to test our strength and resilience. Thank you for your understanding, support and engagement to ensure our Merrimack students have the resources they need to continue to be healthy and successful.

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