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Reopening Merrimack’s Campus

Current Status: Merrimack is in Phase 1 - Limited Reopening

Webpage Last Updated: 7/06/2020

The Reopening Plan for Merrimack College

Merrimack is committed to providing students, faculty, staff and the local community with a safe and supportive environment where academic scholarship, research and a residential campus experience can flourish.

Guiding Principles During Coronavirus

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to plan and make informed decisions based on the health advice of federal, state and local health agencies. The following information will help guide us as we follow a multi-phased plan to reopen the Merrimack campus. 

Merrimack’s COVID-19 Reopening Plan Includes:

Phased repopulation of the campus

An enhanced set of community expectations and support

Monitoring of health conditions to help detect infection

Containment to prevent the disease if detected

Teaching classes in the classroom and remotely (multi-modality)

Guidelines on how to live, eat, work, study and socialize safely on campus

Merrimack Will Reopen in Four Phases

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What You Need To Know

Things will look a little different this fall as we work together to minimize the spread of COVID-19. What will remain unchanged is our commitment to providing an environment in which everyone can learn and succeed.


Recognizing that some staff and administrators will continue to work remotely and others will return to campus, the College has compiled some resources and new policies and procedures that will be helpful to all employees.

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In order to prepare to teach Merrimack students both in the classroom and remotely, resources and guidelines have been developed for multiple ways to engage in learning safely.

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Whether you are a new student, upperclassman, graduate student, commuter, international student or athlete, the College is working through policies and procedures on how to return to campus safely in the fall.

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Four-Phase Approach to Opening: Summary

As we begin the return to campus, Merrimack College’s first priority remains, as always, the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff. To safely resume person-to-person interactions and the use of campus facilities, the College has developed a four phased plan to re-open our campus. The process to do this safely involves:

Phased repopulation of the campus

Staff, students and faculty will be welcomed back to campus in phases. Access to campus is limited to the Rock Ridge Road entrance so that we can monitor the health and safety of individuals as they enter and exit the College.

Enhanced set of community expectations and support

Our collective health is dependent on the cooperation and coordination of every member of our community. We also want to make sure that every individual is aware of the resources Merrimack provides that can help them through difficult circumstances.

Plan for monitoring health conditions to ensure detection of infection

Using a combination of self-diagnostic apps, symptom surveys, medical testing and general wellbeing checks, the College will help support the health of all members of our community.

Plan for containment to prevent spread of the disease if detected

If COVID-19 is identified on campus, the College will institute tracing protocols, deploy on-campus quarantine locations and provide medical and epidemiological care through our partnerships with medical professionals and local public health departments.

Plan for teaching courses in the classroom and remotely (“multimodality”)

Merrimack students will have multiple ways to engage in learning safely and with the full support of their faculty and campus resources, such as the Academic Success Center.

Plan to live, eat, work, study and socialize on campus

At the heart of a residential campus experience is the opportunity to meet new people, explore new opportunities and expand one’s horizons. A reconfigured approach to the campus experience — from less density in residence halls, to more socializing opportunities, to greater food options — is designed to enhance both the campus experience and safety.

In This Together

At Merrimack College, we are addressing these trying times TOGETHER. We are confident that we will work through this, and our community will come out on the other end stronger, and better.

We will leverage the responsibility we feel for the health of one another by adhering to individual actions that keep us all safe.

Task Force

Please reach out to the Task Force with any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Review key questions related to COVID-19.

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See the actions Merrimack College has taken.

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