Four-Phase Approach to Opening: Vigilant

Resumption of a Residential Experience: August - Fall

Multi Modality Teaching

  • Provide a Hybrid Synchronous/Zoom/Blackboard/Face-to-Face Modality
  • Ensure students have continuous learning experience through various modalities of their choosing
  • Create safe classroom and lab environments that allow for social distancing but maintain collaborative learning; alternating seating; classroom times.
  • Increased faculty/student engagement with additional student support

Safe Campus Living

  • All housing has been converted to singles or doubles (there are no longer triple or quad options)
  • Rooms will have the option of a barrier to minimize exposure amongst healthy roommates
  • Increased residence hall programming and social activities to avoid isolation
  • Enhanced cleaning of residential areas including student rooms

Student Life

  • Limit large gatherings and increase small group engagement
  • Enhance commuter student engagement
  • Bring off-campus experiences to campus
  • Offer additional job opportunities to campus for students to minimize off-campus travel