English Career Night 2013 Welcomed Elite Alumni

A degree in English can be a key to open many doors, as proven by several Merrimack College alumni who recently returned to campus to participate in a panel made up of all graduates who were English majors.  Unlike some majors, graduates holding a degree in English can take many different paths. Six Merrimack English alumni spoke about the kind of work they have done since graduation and emphasized how an English degree has helped them.

The panelists were: Robert Koosa ’95, Attorney at Law, Bonner, Kiernan, Trebach and Crociata; Josh Roberts ’99, Managing Editor, Smarter Travel Media; Martha Knittel ’00, Senior Program Manager and Program Leader, Genzyme; Kelly Hussey ’09, Editor, Decisions Resources; Leah DeSalvo ’11, English Teacher, Haverhill High School; Jessica Furtado ’12, Circulation Assistant, Stevens Memorial Library, North Andover, MA.

“When asked to speak on the Career Night panel, I was thrilled to return to Merrimack,” said Jessica Furtado. “I wanted to tell current students that while the job market is competitive and appears daunting at first, a degree in English is a key that unlocks doors in many fields.” Furtado is sole proprietor of her own small business, All You Need is Pug, and works a more traditional ‘day job’ in the library.  “I use my English skills every day.  English majors are taught to think creatively and analytically, and these skills are wonderful assets in almost any field.”

Students in attendance had the benefit of learning from the experiences of those whose English background forged a solid base for a secure and rewarding future.

“It’s always a pleasure to come back to Merrimack and reconnect with my former English professors, many of whom had a profound effect on my life and career,” said Josh Roberts. “I enjoy being able to share my work experiences as a managing editor, travel writer, and syndicated columnist with the current English majors, especially because so many of the professional opportunities I’ve had came as a direct result of the skills I developed as an English major at Merrimack.”

By Office of Communications
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