Future Success Story Part II: Gabby Angelini Reflects on her Vision of the Future

Two years ago, the O’Brien Center for Career Development asked 25 students what they wanted to be when they grew up. Their answers resulted in a campaign showcasing various Future Success Stories, they can be found lining the wall between the O’Brien Center for Student Success and the mail boxes on the second floor of the Sakowich Campus Center.

When Gabby Angelini was asked her vision for future success, she replied “I will be a Biomedical Researcher.” Today, following a positive internship experience and receiving her degree in Biology, she’s taken steps towards achieving her vision. Now a Graduate student at The University of New Hampshire studying for her Masters of Science in Genetics, Gabby is working to become “a research scientist in the biotech industry.” Gabby’s Future Success Story did not change, but became more directed following her internship, something that is very common among students. “This internship showed me what I really wanted to become and how to get there. If it weren’t for Pfizer I would still have a vague idea of what I want to do and I probably would not be enrolled in a graduate program.” She spoke very highly of the Pfizer employees, crediting them as a “huge influence on [her] decision to further [her] education immediately after graduation.”

Gabby took advantage of the O’Brien Center while at Merrimack, attending various career fairs and even serving on a panel that spoke to students about internships. When asked if she had any advice for current Merrimack students, she said that she encourages students to “explore all different types of areas/companies because you never know what type of opportunities may arise.” And last but not least, “Don’t get discouraged! If you don’t get an internship, job, or any other sort of opportunity, that just means it wasn’t right for you at that time. Most importantly, that means that there is another, perhaps greater, opportunity out there for you!”

Since 2013 Pfizer Corporation, the world’s largest research based pharmaceutical company, has partnered with Merrimack College to enable students to augment their education by working alongside world-class scientists who are developing innovative, cutting edge solutions to today’s problems.

By Office of Communications
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