Nathan DeParis: Intern for L3 Communications

Nathaniel DeParis ’15 has spent the past year as a co-op student at L3 Communications learning about x-ray equipment and making many professional connections.

Electrical Engineering student, Nathaniel DeParis ’15, first started his co-op experience in June 2014 at L3 Communications in Woburn, Massachusetts. When the summer was over, he was able to continue his co-op into the academic year.


Since then, he’s been working in the Security and Defense department with cargo, x-ray equipment, and specifically automation systems engineering. Nathan has been working with large scale cargo vehicle x-ray machines which produce x-ray photos for examination. These machines are primarily used at the country’s borders. See photos below.


Upon graduation this coming May, Nathan said he would welcome the opportunity to continue as an employee of L3 Communications, but would welcome other opportunities as well. He’s appreciated the opportunity he’s had this year to learn in the workforce and make connections with professionals and only hopes to continue this path. 


By Office of Communications
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