Professor to be honored for community service

ACT Lawrence is poised to present Merrimack College assistant professor of accounting and finance Ana C. Silva its Community Champion award Saturday, Dec. 12. Merrimack College graduate Sabrina Boggio will be named the Board Member of the Year.

The presentations are scheduled to be made during ACT’s annual meeting and community holiday party at the North Common Educational Complex in Lawrence Dec. 12 from 3 to 5 p.m.

Silva is being recognized for her accomplishments, leadership and commitment to ACT’s mission to advance financial inclusion for low-income and other under-served communities.

“I’m very proud of having received that award and I’m even more proud that part of the program that we have been running is not only about the community but also linking the college to the community,” Silva said. “That is really what I’m most proud of: seeing my students, how they were trained, met with the clients, and delivered what the clients need is amazing.”

The clients are low-income residents of Lawrence or residents who are underserved by the financial industry. ACT volunteers help the clients navigate the financial system or develop better credit in order to create better economic opportunities, Silva said. They are often immigrants who aren’t prepared for the intricacies of the system.

Boggio is founder of the non-profit Women’s Path to Employment and 2014 graduate of Merrimack College with a degree in business administration.

ACT is a non-profit community development organization founded in response to the Malden Mills fire and Spicket River floods in 1996.

The group is devoted to empowering low- to moderate-income residents in the Lawrence’s Arlington neighborhood through social and economic justice, according to its website. It works toward a shared value of inclusiveness and collaboration to reclaim a voice for Lawrence, and advocates self-determination for its residents. 

Photo caption: (left to right) Assistant professor of accounting and finance Ana C. Silva, Paola Herrera, client of the Financial Capability Clinic, and Merrimack student Emily Keating ’17, financial coach.


By Office of Communications
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