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Advice from Allianz Executives

January 07, 2016
Three of the financial managers at Allianz Global Investors who met with Girard School students this fall offered some reflections and advice.

“Today, you text, you Instagram, you use Facebook. You communicate through a device, not face-to-face or on the phone. The evidence is clear: voice traffic is way down; electronic communication is way up. If you want to stick out, why not do what most people don’t do? Pick up the phone and talk to someone. You might be surprised at the reaction. For many young people, using the phone shows you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone. That impresses me.”

          –  Greg Shannahan ’81, Eastern Divisional director


“In my department, we work around our core values of passion, respect, integrity, and excellence. But there is one quote that drives our people to succeed. That quote is, ‘There’s no limit to better.’ We try and look back at each individual experience and ask ourselves, ‘Did I do a good job?’ Sometimes it’s a yes, sometimes it’s a no, but one thing is for sure, there’s always room for improvement.”

          –  Joseph Minnix, director and head of internal sales, New York City


“Always maintain and project your confidence, but never stray from your humility. Too often, individuals hold themselves back from meeting their own goals because of a lack of confidence, a lack of self-esteem or an improper and overly critical self-assessment. Those sentiments must be put aside. Meanwhile, others are held back when they take their positive self-image and lose their humility. Self-proclaimed stars usually are not stars at all. Let others judge your stardom.

“Work every day to discover, develop, and enhance your most important skill sets. In the modern workplace, most employers fill very narrowly focused positions. In doing so, they seek individuals who can solve a problem or fill a gap in their staffing. In that context, it is what you can do and, less so, what you know, that makes all the difference. Knowledge is essential and it is clearly a broadener, but skills are what enable you to get a job done.”

          –  Steven Malin, director and investment strategist, global economic strategy


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  • Girard School students visited with alums and executives at Allianz Global Investors in October 2015
    Girard School students visited with alums and executives at Allianz Global Investors in October 2015

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