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Shane Ferguson ’13: Assistant Coach, Football, Merrimack College

“As a coach, you get the opportunity to affect someone’s life every single day, and that’s something I try to remind myself all the time.”

While a student at Merrimack College, Shane Ferguson ’13 pursued a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine and had the opportunity to explore various internships within athletics. He has always had an interest in football and discovered his passion for coaching through an internship with Merrimack’s Football Camp during his senior year. Upon graduation, Shane was thrilled to be offered a full-time position with the College.

Shane takes his responsibilities on the field seriously, but is most proud of the personal development he is a part of when student-athletes enter a transitional phase during the early stages of college life.

“When you’re able to see the young athletes grow and build character each day not as football players, but as men, coaching isn’t about winning and losing games - that’s just a small portion. As a coach, you get the opportunity to affect someone’s life every single day, and that’s something I try to remind myself all the time. There are roughly 10 games a year, so my key role is to help these young men the other 355 days.”

How did your experience at Merrimack help you as a professional?

Being that I was a student at Merrimack College, I am able to connect with these young men and give them advice based off of my experiences here. It was actually Coach Perry, a former Merrimack College head football coach, who now coaches the Houston Texans, who came to my prep school and convinced me then. Once I was able to come down to campus for a visit, it just felt right, and that was because of the people.  Merrimack’s community is like no other, and that’s why it wasn’t only a good fit for me academically, but also professionally.

What is the best advice you could give current Merrimack students?

Never shut any doors, and treat everyone with respect because you never who your future employer might be one day. Lastly, college is a transition no matter where you go to school. If things aren’t going the way you planned, just weather the storm. It gets easier as you get settled in; for some people that may take 3 weeks, and for others, it might take their whole first year, but it will get easier.

What is your favorite Merrimack memory?

The whole 2013 season, especially scoring the game winning touchdown against DI Wagner. That team was and always will be like family to me. From the coaching staff down, I have never been part of anything as special as that group of men.

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