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Abby DeCiccio ’04, Senior Manager of Media Relations, The Boston Red Sox

“The learning environment at Merrimack College empowered me to think critically and to be confident in my ability. It taught me that hard work and dedication will always lead to success.”

  • Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox

Though she was confident in her ability to write, Abby wondered how her English degree would translate into an exciting and fulfilling career. During her senior year she took a course in sports writing while she simultaneously applied to graduate school programs in journalism. It was then when she realized that this type of writing created something special for her.

“It solidified my love of telling a story and using sports to do that.”

After graduation, Abby received her Masters of Arts in Journalism at Northeastern University. As a graduate student, she stayed true to her interest in sports and landed an internship with the Boston Red Sox. It was through this experience that Abby discovered that while she enjoyed telling stories through sports, her real passion was making those stories happen.

“If I did not have a solid educational base that made learning enjoyable, I’m not sure I would have pursued graduate school right out of college and without that I would not have had the opportunity that I did with my internship.”

Today Abby continues to work for the Boston Red Sox as the Senior Manager of Media Relations. In this role she assists in all aspects of team-related public relations, such as facilitating media requests for player interviews, coordination of photo shoots, sit-down interviews, pregame ceremony coverage, and press conferences.

How did your experience at Merrimack help you as a professional?

My experience at Merrimack helped me learn how to build and nurture relationships which have been vital in my career.  The learning environment at Merrimack empowered me to think critically and to be confident in my ability and taught me that hard work and dedication will always lead to success.

What is the best advice you could give current Merrimack students?

The best advice that I could give a current Merrimack student is that you don’t have to have your life planned out right now.  This is the time to explore the things you enjoy doing simply because you enjoy them.  That freedom may take you down the exact road that you anticipated or it may take you down a path that you never thought was possible.

What is your favorite Merrimack memory?

Some of my favorite memories from Merrimack are just the simple times that I spent with my friends in class and around campus.  The bonds I formed my freshman year are still friendships that I hold today.  There is something very special about meeting and growing with the best friends that you meet your first time away from home as you take on the challenges of adulthood together.

Why are you Merrimack Proud?

I am Merrimack Proud because the foundation I built in college has allowed me to pursue a life I couldn’t have even known existed and one I can’t wait to see continue to evolve.

By Office of Communications
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