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Keeping Up with Health Sciences Faculty!

Research inside and outside the classroom lead to multiple Health Sciences Faculty recognition.

Dr. Zi Yan, who has been a member of our faculty for almost five years, has recently been named SHAPE America Research Fellow!   Dr. Yan has participated in many studies over the recent years.  Most recently, Dr. Yan, Dr. Kevin Finn, Chair of the Health Sciences Department, Dr. Kyle McInnis, Associate Dean of Health Sciences and Edward Martin had the following published in the Journal of Behavioral Health: Active Science pilot study: Promoting physical activity and science learning among children. 


In addition, the Department of Health Sciences is very excited and fortunate to welcome Dr. April Bowling, Assistant Professor, who will be teaching courses in public health and epidemiology this semester.   Her most recent research has earned her national recognition.  See the article posted yesterday on CBS News: 

Exercise: An antidote for behavioral issues in children?


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