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14th Annual Tolle Lege Reception

Join McQuade Library at the Writers House at 4:00pm  Tuesday February 7 to celebrate this year’s contributors to the Tolle Lege Collection.

To recognize the academic scholarship of the Merrimack College community, in 2003 McQuade Library and the Center for Augustinian Study and Legacy established the Tolle Lege Collection. Each February, authors published during the previous academic year are honored with a reception, and selected contributors speak about their work.

Please plan to congratulate your colleagues on their 2016 contributions to this collection of Merrimack scholarship and creativity. This year’s celebratory reception will be held at the Writers House on Tuesday, February 7, at 4:00pm.  Speakers will include:

  • Bryan Bannon, Philosophy
  • Sarah Benes, Health Science
  • Sirkwoo Jin, Management
  • Kerry Johnson, Vice Provost
  • Jim Kaklamanos, Civil Engineering
  • Zoe Sherman, Economics
  • Elaine Ward, Graduate Education
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