A Success Story: How one student landed a job offer from the CEO

“She made a good first impression on me. She was professional, intelligent and willing to share her thoughts and perspectives and that is always a good sign in an employee.”

  • Engaging with students at the Fall 2016 Professional Development Retreat
    Engaging with students at the Fall 2016 Professional Development Retreat
    (c) Leise Jones Photography 2016

The Professional Development Retreat is a two-day, offsite event for upperclassmen that allows students the opportunity to build emotional intelligence and skills to assist in professionalism and communication, while networking with alumni representing various industries. Louis Frate ’91, was among those in the alumni community who participated in the program this past November. Frate is a member of the College Leadership Council and owner of Patriot Energy, which also served as a corporate sponsor for the event.

“I really think the school does a great job with this conference; I believe it is a valuable resource for graduates transitioning into the workplace. The interview workshops and team project exercises are valuable as they directly apply to what the students will be encountering post-graduation.” 

During the first breakfast exercise, Louis initiated a discussion with the table on the importance of social media presence. Eager to get an understanding of how students were thinking about social media and commerce, one student raised her hand to share her insight and caught Louis’ attention. He asked the student next to him what her name was, and shortly after he introduced himself privately to marketing major Morgan Phipps, class of 2017.

“My conversation with Louis was a little nerve-wracking.  I had felt confident talking in front of the group but my one-on-one conversation with the CEO of a company was a little different.”

Morgan left Louis with a copy of her resume, and Louis assured her that the human resources department would be in touch. In just a few weeks after the retreat, Morgan accepted a year-long internship with the marketing department at Patriot Energy.

“I was confident going into the interview because I had just practiced all the steps you need to take in order to increase your chances of landing a job. The Professional Development Retreat prepared me for the process and helped me feel capable of really nailing it.”

Now halfway through her internship, Morgan is gaining quality experience and shares that the lessons she has learned will stay with her throughout the rest of her career.

“I now aspire to do even more than I thought I was capable of after graduation.  I have not only taken away lessons in business, but life lessons as well.” 

Louis says that Morgan is already contributing to the marketing department’s objectives in a significant way, and hopes that her experience will lead her to a full-time position with Patriot Energy.