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Nick Maggio ’12, Operations Manager and Logistics Engineer, Goldbell, Inc.

“I loved my time at Merrimack College. The lessons it taught me became the foundation of my careers in both lacrosse and business.”

Nick was born on a potato farm in Presque Isle, Maine. He came to Merrimack College with an interest in learning the business aspect of produce management, and decided to pursue various internships with suppliers in Boston, Mass. These experiences helped him realize that he not only had a passion for agriculture, but also the skill and aptitude necessary for the produce business.

Nick was also an avid lacrosse player, and after a successful undergraduate career, he was presented with a contract to play professional lacrosse for the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse (MLL). After two seasons with the Cannons, he was signed in the off-season to the Denver Outlaws, where he went on to win the MLL Championship during his first season. While playing lacrosse, he also worked at the Wolf Den Lacrosse Club in Winchester, Mass., instructing and teaching the game to young players and giving private lessons. 

“After four great years of playing and coaching lacrosse, I knew I wanted to get back into the produce business.”

Nick now works as an Operations Manager and Logistics Engineer for Gold Bell, Inc., a wholesale produce supplier located in Chelsea, Mass that sources, packages, and distributes produce to customers throughout the United States. He manages two on-site facilities that receive produce daily from places like Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.

“My biggest accomplishment thus far is a deal to supply all of Trader Joe’s Supermarkets’ potatoes, onions and yams in all of their stores in the Eastern United States.”

How did your experience at Merrimack help you as a professional?

My time at Merrimack gave me plenty of opportunities to practice and perfect my business presentations and public speaking. I feel that practice and the help I received from my professors gave my presentations that extra little bit to stand out over my competitors.

What is the best advice you could give current Merrimack students?

Take advantage of all the opportunities Merrimack has to offer. Put yourself out there, you may be surprised with what you find; don’t be afraid of failure. As they say, it’s better to have tried and failed, then to not have tried at all. Treat your career like a competition or a game, set short-term and long-term goals to understand your progress, timeline, and finish line for your career. Above all, be sure to have fun and make the most of your time as a student; the lessons, relationships, and experiences I gained at Merrimack continue to stick with me today.

Why are you Merrimack Proud?

I am proud for so many reasons.  I am impressed with the progress the school has made and continues to make each year.  I am pleased to see the lacrosse team continue to achieve high levels of success.  I am thankful for all the opportunities Merrimack had to offer me as a student. I am grateful for the friends I have made, the lessons I’ve learned, and most importantly for meeting my better half Liz, who is also a Gold Bell employee, a former lacrosse player, and a proud Merrimack College alumna.

By Office of Communications
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