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Unity House Task Force Retreat

Solid foundation and stronger team comes with staying together. Check out what the UHTF members did on their first retreat at Crown Plaza Hotel.

Unity House Task Force along with Aisha Shillingford a trainer from International Institute for change went for a one day one night retreat to Crown Plaza Hotel at Woburn. With an agenda to build the foundation of Unity house, organize groundbreaking ceremony and team building, the Task force members had a productive weekend. 

“If sounds like fun, but it was a lot of work too. We were in conference room the entire day, brainstorming and coming up with specific agenda. But when we worked like professionals, we were treated like one. Hotel was great, food was even better. We love how everything was organized. Theresa did a great job in organizing this. We definitely bonded a lot. And this will show in future. The way we have started working is systematic and way more professional than before. The task force is becoming a solid team. I am so excited for our future.” - Latika Karnani

By Office of Communications