Graduate student is making a difference for the Girard School of Business

Social media traffic has surged this year for the Girard School, due mostly to the efforts of the school’s digital and social media intern, graduate student Satish “Sai” Gattupalli.

Sai, a native of Hyderabad, India, with seven years of IT experience in India, is enrolled in the Master of Science in Management program. He began working in the Dean’s Office in the fall. Since then, “Likes” on the school’s Facebook page have increased 18 percent and the average daily reach is up 55 percent. Twitter impressions have grown by more than 300 percent. 

“I feel proud because the staff trusts me to oversee the social media posts for the school. I am grateful that the business school’s staff let me use my creative skills to create and share content that not only promotes school events but also reflects the values of the institution,” says Sai.               

His output spans students and their internships, faculty who run special programs or publish and present their relevant industry research, and business school events held on and off campus. He also produces LinkedIn feeds and on-campus fliers and digital displays.                 

“Sai has done a great job to promote our students and programs by creating dynamic and engaging content for our digital displays and social media sites,” says Jennifer Kooken, Director of Business School Initiatives.               

“I create rich posts and dynamic videos for events held across the departments in the business school,” says Sai. “I make sure the intended message is relayed clearly while trying to engage all audiences – students, parents, prospective students, and alums.”               

And he is already putting to use what he’s learned as a graduate student. 

“I was surprised to be able to use some of the marketing techniques I learned from one of my classes to effectively market the digital content I create,” says Sai. 

International students add to the diversity of the Girard School’s graduate programs. Of the 86 students in the Master of Science in Management program, 43 are international students. Four of the 34 students in the Master of Science in Accounting program are international. 

“The international students bring a global perspective to our graduate programs,” says Girard School Dean Mark Cordano. “The mix of students in our programs fosters students learning from each other useful knowledge about a variety of cultures and perspectives on business.’’ 

Sai received his undergraduate degree from Osmania University in Hyderabad. In his work in IT service delivery and data center operations, he planned, developed, and executed business and technical processes for improved productivity and efficiency. He decided to pursue a graduate degree in the United States because of the quality of courses offered. 

“The pragmatic style of teaching, with a more practical and less theoretical approach, attracted me to the States,” he says. He focused on schools in Massachusetts because of the educational reputation and history, then concentrated on smaller colleges near Boston. The high rankings of the Girard School’s Master in Management attracted him to Merrimack. 

Networking with IT professionals and learning management skills were his goals. “I would love to continue working in the data center management or IT service delivery industry. It is the heart of the internet,” he says. “My long-term goal is to be in a leadership position, contributing my very best to the industry.” 

In the meantime, he is applying the management concept of continuous improvement to his social media posts. He follows web design blogs for inspiration and says he experiments to break the traditional design and marketing techniques: “with each post, I learn something new and identify various elements that I can improve upon to make the latest one effective and exciting.” 

To see some of Sai’s work, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

By Office of Communications
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