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Brendan D. Towell ’08, Theology Teacher, St. Augustine Preparatory School

“The education and the Augustinian values at Merrimack College impressed me immensely and inspired me to continue to share those values as an educator.”

Brendan credits three experiences during his time at Merrimack College that led him to pursue a career in Augustinian education: his work with Campus Ministry, his time as a resident advisor, and his involvement with Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

“All three uniquely prepared me for a life of service in the Augustinian tradition of truth, unity, and love.”

After graduation, Brendan returned to his high school alma mater and accepted a position as the Director of Campus Admissions and member of the Theology faculty at Monsignor Bonner High School in Drexel Hill, Penn. In 2010, Brendan was offered a full time position on the Theology faculty at St. Augustine Preparatory School in Richland, N.J.

“I teach six sections of Theology each academic year. I have taught every level of Theology at St. Augustine Prep in courses such as Introduction to Catholicism, Sacred Scriptures, Morality, Sacramental Theology, World Religions, and Christian Lifestyles.”

Brendan is also the Head Coach of the Hermit Rugby Program, Faculty Advisor for the Knight of St. Augustine (Apologetics group), Campus Ministry Assistant and Junior Retreat Coordinator.

How did your experience at Merrimack help you as a professional?

The skills I acquired while at Merrimack have been essential to my success in both my professional and personal life. The individualized education and the sense of community allowed me to not only feel as though I fit in at Merrimack, but gave me a true sense of belonging. I mattered to my teachers, and that made all the difference in my education.

What is the best advice you could give current Merrimack students?

I suppose there is the cliché advice graduates give to their younger peers – get involved. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations by trying new things and taking classes that push your preconceived notions of how the world works and where your place is within it. I would also urge current Merrimack students to get to know their professors on a personal level. Have lunch with them, stop by their offices and chat with them, and simply stay in touch. Some of my fondest memories came from encounters with professors outside the classroom. I remain very close with members of the Religious and Theological Studies Department, like Dr. Warren Kay, Dr. Mark Allman, and Dr. Joseph Kelley, all of whom have visited St. Augustine Prep to give talks to my students.

Why are you Merrimack Proud?

I am Merrimack Proud because I believe in Catholic and Augustinian Education. The motto of the College is Per Scientiam Ad Sapientiam (Through Knowledge to Wisdom) and I wholeheartedly believe that. St. Augustine defines knowledge as an “acquaintance” with various truths, while wisdom would be the “possession” of truth itself (God).  At Merrimack College each student will become acquainted with the truths of the sciences, the liberal arts, and economic studies. However, that Augustinian restlessness in each of us will be fostered, nurtured, and directed so as to lead students to the discovery of a loving God.

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