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Interdisciplinary Musical Performance by Paige Sorensen

Music and Environmental Studies combined to create a dynamic performance

During the 2017 Research & Creative Achievement Conference Paige Sorensen composed and performed her musical composition “A Musical Portrayal of the Human Impact.” Ms. Sorensen’s work was designed to provide her audience with musical sounds within an environmental context—every musical element coincided with an element of nature, a connection you could both see and hear. This auditory partnership was designed with the intention of heightening our understanding of the human impact on the environment.

The performance took place in the Merrimack College Labyrinth. Labyrinths, around the world, provide a meditative space for physically walking while praying, or meditating. This specific environmental context helped focus the audiences’ attention.

For details and to read Ms. Sorensen’s press release, download this link.

Additional musicians performing with Ms. Sorensen were Mary Teresa Cuzzupe, Stephanie Sartori, & AJ Lemarier.

Enjoy Ms. Sorensen’s performance by watching her YouTube video.