Getting to Cauca (Colombia) via Waltham

A group of ten Merrimack College students, accompanied by Lecturer Mela Heestand and Prof. Saenz de Viguera, from World Languages and Cultures, attended a presentation by Colombian indigenous activist Ligna Pulido at Brandeis University, to countercelebrate Columbus’s Day.

  • Post-lecture discussion? Nah... Everyone looks too happy!
    Post-lecture discussion? Nah... Everyone looks too happy!

Ligna presented a perspective on the Colombian conflict seldomly heard in the United States mass media, and informed the audience of the struggles that the indigenous populations of the Cauca region have endured in order to maintain and affirm their autonomy and self-organization against the militarization of their territories by the Army and the FARC Guerrillas. Her testimonio and unique perspective reached and enlightened everyone in the group, opening our eyes to brutal realities that are too far away from our daily experiences, but that will hopefully remain with us from now on.

By Office of Communications
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