Alum Visits Class to Discuss Ad Agency Work

Merrimack alum Steve Viglione ’09 spoke to two of Professor Natalie Mitchell’s marketing classes to introduce students to the work he does at R/GA, a full service digital advertising agency, and offer advice on how to get started in the industry.

  • Steve Viglione '09, Associate Director of Marketing Sciences at R/GA, presents to Professor Natal...
    Steve Viglione '09, Associate Director of Marketing Sciences at R/GA, presents to Professor Natalie Mitchell's marketing class

As Associate Director of Marketing Sciences at R/GA, Steve Viglione described his role as, “…making strategic use of data for inspiration, decisions, and innovation.” He showed students engaging and culturally relevant ad campaigns developed by R/GA for clients like Nike, Beats, and Samsung to demonstrate the type of work they do. He described the creative process and the role that ad agencies can play in a new product launch or in the development of an ad campaign.

Viglione started his career in web analytics after learning Google Analytics while developing a website at Merrimack. He credited his time at Merrimack with giving him the edge he needed to stand-out at work. 

“At Merrimack, we did presentations in almost every class. By the time I graduated, I could give killer presentations,” he said. “That experience gave me the confidence I needed to present to any audience.”

To get started in the industry, Viglione suggested students get to know advertising better by following AdAge and Adweek, make connections in the industry, and get an internship in the field.

“If you walk away with one piece of advice from today, it’s get an internship,” he advised. “When a potential employer is comparing you to other candidates, a relevant internship will make a difference.”

By Office of Communications
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