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Christine Weiland ’08, Senior Events Manager, Hyatt Regency Boston

“I work in the Hospitality industry. I simply wouldn’t be where I am today without the benefit of a Merrimack College education — its Augustinian values helped shape my perspective and world view.”

  • Christine Weiland ’08, Senior Events Manager, Hyatt Regency Boston
    Christine Weiland ’08, Senior Events Manager, Hyatt Regency Boston

Majoring in Business Management, Christine is grateful for the hands-on working experience and education she received during her time as an undergraduate student.

One of her most learned experiences however, didn’t come from the classroom. Working as a building manager in the Sakowich Campus Center, Christine learned how to manage event setups by helping with various events on campus.

“There are a lot of parallels to my job now, as an event planner, that I appreciate having learned through my experience as a building manager at Merrimack.” For instance, says Christine, “Working in the Events Management field, Microsoft programs are crucial programs to manage everything from food cost analysis, to our sales teams’ budget, to simply calculating the number of tables and chairs we’re going to need on any given day throughout the hotel.”

During her senior year, Christine started working at the Hyatt Place in Medford, Mass. After graduation, she transferred to the Hyatt Regency Boston, where she worked for five years in food and beverage sales. Open to new opportunities, Christine received a promotion and relocated to the Grand Hyatt New York in New York City. After two years, Christine packed her bags again and headed to Austin, Texas. There she was able to work as an event planner at the 400-acreHyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa. After four years away from New England, Christine returned to the Hyatt Regency Boston where she is now the Senior Events Manager.

How did your experience at Merrimack help you as a professional?

I can confidently say, because of the Augustinian values that were instilled within me during my time at Merrimack, I am a better colleague to my peers and a better manager to my clients.  At Hyatt, our mission is to “Care for people so that they can be their best.”  It’s a simple sentiment that carries such a profound impact and one which is so in line with my own Augustinian beliefs. 

What is the best advice you could give current Merrimack students?

When I was 25, I called my Grandpa, and I said “Grandpa, I have been working these long days and difficult shifts. At what point can I stop working so hard?” He replied, “You’ve still got many years to go.”  Completing college is certainly an accomplishment in itself, but with that in mind, there will always be the next challenge that you will have to face.  I’ve probably said the same statement in my mind a thousand times since then, but every time I face an obstacle and overcome it, I’m so gratified by my success.  Don’t stop working hard or dreaming of your next goal.  

Why are you Merrimack Proud?

I’m Merrimack Proud because I’ve enjoyed the “small school feel” of being able to stay in touch with the community and the school over the years!  I just came back to campus for a hockey game and was so proud to see the growth of the College since the last time I was there — the new business school, residence halls and stadium look amazing!  

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