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T.J. Antonetti ’17, Internal Wholesaler, Eaton Vance

“When I go back to campus I’m truly amazed at what this school has become. When you see Merrimack constantly recognized as one of the top emerging colleges in the Northeast, it’s a great feeling knowing your degree will be worth even more in the future.”

  • T.J. Antonetti '17
    T.J. Antonetti '17

T.J.’s interest in finance really stemmed from the Mucci Capital Markets Lab where he had several classes and eventually became a lab assistant. In the lab he was able to help students learn about Bloomberg software and develop a working knowledge of the terminal. This experience gained from the Mucci Capital Market Lab led to an internship at John Hancock Investments in Boston. T.J. also credits Professor Mary Papazian for being a major influence on his career path due to her intense knowledge and passion for the industry, as well as her guidance for the Merrimack Financial Group, which he headed his senior year.

After Graduation, T.J. landed a full-time position at Eaton Vance - one of the oldest investment managers in the country. He credits the amazing resources at Merrimack, including the O’Brien Center for Career Development, the active alumni base, past internship opportunities, and a working knowledge of Bloomberg software, for helping him secure the position.

In his current role at Eaton Vance, T.J. sits on the sales desk in Boston where he covers wirehouse financial advisers located in South Florida. Working in partnership with a Regional Sales Representative, he maintains relationships with financial advisers and gets them to use their strategies, allowing Eaton Vance to tap into new markets, while simultaneously finding the best solutions for their clients.

How did your experience at Merrimack help you as a professional?

The biggest thing was the constant interaction I had with professors and other students due to the smaller size of the school. This allowed me to develop lasting relationships which is essentially what I do now. I’d also add the diverse course offerings sharpened my skillset in areas that I did not realize at the time of enrollment. For instance, taking acting my sophomore year helped me with body language and command which is useful for presentations I give at work.

What is the best advice you could give current Merrimack students?

Do whatever you can in order to separate yourself from other students. Whether that be internships, a non-affiliated double major, studying abroad, or starting your own business during college. You must differentiate yourself and show passion in something in order to stand out.

What is your favorite Merrimack memory?

Going to NYC with the Merrimack Financial Group. We were able to interact with students from other universities and get ideas for what is now our very own Merrimack Investment Fund. This was also an incredible opportunity to meet alumni working on Wall Street.