Wellness Expo Injects a Dose of Fun into Health

There were free plants, bouncy balls and food for students who stopped by the Wellness Expo in O’Brien Plaza Sept. 30 to learn about the resources available to help students stay healthy this academic year.

  • The Wellness Expo was an interactive fair with all the health and wellness resources on campus.

“It’s an interactive fair with all the health and wellness resources on campus so students learn what is here to support them,” said organizer Erin Kaminski, a wellness educator for Campus Life.

In past years, the expo would have been part of the Fresh Check Day but that event was moved to January because it is student-run and the later date gives more students an opportunity to help organize. However, the expo was organized by Campus Life to make sure students are aware of health opportunities as the first semester rolls along.

The expo took a holistic approach to health, including booths from CompassAcademic Success Center, Accessibility Services, Office of Community Standards, Art Warriors, Active Minds, Mindful McQuade, the Office of Wellness Education and Campus Fitness and Recreation.

“It helps students learn about areas of campus they may not see or otherwise notice,” said C.J. Wong, in instruction/liaison librarian at McQuade Library.

Allyson Nerf, ’23, a business major from Boca Raton, Florida and Abbie Sartori ’21, a criminology and political science double major from Amesbury, Massachusetts decided it looked like fun and stopped to pick up free lip balm and a bouncy ball.

“The school has been doing a lot more of those interesting events lately and getting people involved,” Sartori said.

By Office of Communications
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