Merrimack Alumna Named Director of Lawrence Health Center

Ashley Hall ’19 was recently named director of the Merrimack Valley Area Health Education Center (AHEC) in Lawrence, Massachusetts. AHEC is a national network of community health centers aimed at increasing the health care workforce in underserved communities.

  • Ashley Hall ’19 is named director of the Merrimack Valley Area Health and Education Center.

Associate Professor Traci Alberti formed a partnership in 2018 with the Merrimack Valley AHEC housed within the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center. Alberti, who is also the interim director of Merrimack’s campus health services and who served as the director of COVID-19 campus surveillance, saw an opportunity for health science students at Merrimack to get involved in the greater community.

“The aim of AHEC is to increase urban and rural health care workforces by having medical students work in these communities,” Alberti said. “The ultimate hope is that students will be engaged in this work enough that they will want to continue working in these areas long term.”

While Merrimack doesn’t have medical students, Alberti recognized the potential of health science and nursing students to partner with AHEC, contribute to their community service work and learn from local community members.

At the time of this new partnership, Ashley Hall was pursuing her master’s at Merrimack and working closely with Alberti as a graduate fellow.

“I am a public health nerd to my core,” Hall said. “In 2019, I became a full-time graduate student getting my Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management.”

Hall was the recipient of a full-tuition fellowship from the Cummings Foundation and was quickly involved in the AHEC partnership. In her first semester, Hall helped create and launch the budding AHEC Scholars program at Merrimack, which enabled a cohort of students to work with community members in Lawrence.

The scholars worked on promoting health literacy in the community, increasing access to health care and understanding the systemic challenges facing many in local neighborhoods. The cohort of Merrimack students ran workshops, conducted research and connected with local institutions like the Lazarus House to learn directly from the families and individuals using their services. 

“We were among the first to pilot the Scholars program with just health sciences students,” Hall said. “I’m a firm believer that doctors, nurses and social workers don’t practice alone. Public health is so intertwined. Giving so many students exposure to what it’s like to work in these communities, the problems these communities are facing and the opportunity to not just learn these challenges from a textbook was really exciting.”

Now two years later, Hall was recently named the new director of the Merrimack Valley AHEC.  

“Ashley has a passion for health literacy, a passion for education and a huge skill set,” Alberti said. “I am expecting such great things from her and am so excited to continue to work with her. We already have big goals to enhance this collaboration between AHEC and Merrimack College.”

Alberti and Hall have set their sights on increasing access to health care services across the communities of Lawrence. This summer they each have a particular focus on increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates. They plan on getting out in the community to share resources and organize pop-up mobile vaccination sites to address accessibility challenges. They also plan to investigate the systemic barriers that may make community members uneasy about receiving the vaccine and other services.

“I recently found out I’m the first person in the country who was an AHEC Scholar that then became an AHEC Director,” Hall said. “Grateful is an understatement. I’m excited to increase access to quality health care, reduce health disparities and also provide opportunities to students to understand these issues facing the communities in real time.”

Hall also serves as an alumni liaison and an adjunct lecturer at Merrimack. She teaches Introduction to Public Health and says she is excited to maintain her strong connection with Merrimack students, faculty and staff.

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