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…. And the winner is …. Jordan Jean, Ashley Varano, Ethan Weaver, and Alyssa Wertz

March 13, 2013
“the importance of teamwork, preparedness, and persuasion.”

            The case competition’s winning team proposed three ways for HTC Corp. to differentiate itself from its competitors, particularly Samsung and Apple. The team envisioned a new product line to position the company more effectively.

            The plan stressed superior audiovisual sound and quality, said Alyssa Wertz ’12. The new products would be:

  • The HTC Verse operating system
  • The HTC Lyric smartphone
  • The HTC Chorus tablet.

            The plan’s three steps began with immediate action to improve HTC’s financial position by reducing expenses. This would trigger funding for marketing the new product line. The three new products would create differentiation in the marketplace. The team included an implementation plan to best position and launch the products.

            The team included Jordan Jean ’12, Ashley Varano ’08, Ethan Weaver ’12, a non-business student who majored in civil engineering, and Alyssa Wertz ’12.

            “Identifying the problems in the case was very simple,” said Wertz: HTC was losing money and market share, was stuck in an intellectual property war, and had poorly marketed products, despite their high quality.

“We all agreed that they needed to regain financial stability before marketing a new line, and we all agreed that marketing a new line would create differentiation,” said Wertz, who last year won the Reverend Edward J. Burns O.S.A. Medal recognizing the first-ranked Girard School business senior.

“In terms of the specific attributes of our recommendation, we worked together as a group, brainstormed ideas, and we rationally thought about each idea by decomposing its parts and evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of each proposed scenario. This helped us to craft and perfect our recommendation.”

Wertz said she took three lessons from the experience: the importance of teamwork, preparedness and persuasion. Everyone had to give maximum effort. They read the case study half-a-dozen times before beginning to work on recommendations. And they had to be convincing before the three external judges.

“It was necessary to convince the judges that your idea – and only your idea – was the best solution to the problems in the case. Therefore, my teammates and I had to really believe in what we were saying. We had to speak in such a way that the audience bought what we were trying to sell,” Wertz said.

For their efforts, the team shared a prize of $1,500.

Members of the other finalist teams were:

  • Scott Anderson, Kelsey Mason, Sarah Stone, Yi Liu.
  • Raghed Nakkoul, Sean Peterson, Joanna Petrucci. 
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