A Successful Entrepreneur Helps Others Be Successful …

Sabrina Boggio Empowers Local Women to Interview with Confidence

Sabrina Boggio saw an unmet need in her local community and decided that she was going to make a difference by empowering others to be successful. With assistance from the Deshpande Foundation’s Merrimack Valley Sandbox Initiative, Sabrina began her Catalyst project with a clothing drive to collect professional clothing and related accessories – items that empower women to interview with greater confidence and, as a result, land great jobs. The organizations that Sabrina has worked with thus far include the YWCA Fina House, Family Services of Lawrence, and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (the Lawrence and Lowell locations), among others. She has been developing this idea since her freshman year at Merrimack College and it is known today as Women’s Path to Employment (WPTE). Now a junior, Sabrina is moving on to Stage 3 of the Catalyst Program and has recently completed the Sandbox’s Accelerator Program, where she was chosen to be one of thirteen finalists to participate in this entrepreneurial, incubator-type program. Sabrina has set her sights on making this a successful non-profit organization and a full-time position after graduation.


If you would like to donate professional women’s clothing to WPTE, the donation drop-off location on campus can be found at the Merrimack College Post Office on the 2nd Floor of the Sakowich Campus Center.


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