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Department of Electrical Engineering

Abdullatif Bagegni

Associate Professor

Electrical Engineering


Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia


Dr. Bagegni’s research interests include the fundamental understanding of power system, power electronics, electromagnetic fields, and power engineering. Special emphasis is given towards power quality and energy saving and conservation for residential and industrial applications. Examples include power factor improvement system, harmonics reduction filter design, savings through reduction in demand and consumption power, and improve power quality. Merrimack college power system facilities will be my case study for energy saving and conservation.

Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering, May 1991 University of Missouri-Columbia. Dissertation Title: “Maximum Thrust Tubular Linear Induction Motor Design for Hydraulic Capsule Pipeline using Finite Element Analysis.”

MSEE Electrical & Computer Engineering, May 1983 University of Missouri-Columbia. Theses Title: “Theory and Design of Tubular Linear Induction Motor.”

BSEE Power System and Electrical Machines, June 1978 University of Tripoli, Senior Project Title: “Load Flow Analysis.”




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