Orientation Coordinators 2022

Serena Cook ’23

Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island
Major: Business Administration with a double concentration in Corporate Finance and Investments and Management
Minor: Religion and Theological Studies
One thing I wish I knew before Orientation: One thing I wish I knew before Orientation was that it’s okay not to know everyone going into it! Even though it can be intimidating being in a place where there’s a lot of unfamiliar faces, it just means that there’s so many opportunities to make new lifelong friends and connections you would have never had if you never chose Merrimack!
Why I chose Merrimack: My dad graduated from Merrimack and was on the basketball team while he was here! Growing up, I came to Merrimack every year for alumni basketball games so the campus has always felt like home to me. When it became that time in high school to think about college, I knew that Merrimack was my first choice!