The Academic Success Center

Writing Center Staff

Darren Righini

About Me

Some things about me that you can’t get from the other boxed in this bio are that I am the biggest Baltimore Ravens fan on this campus, I play soccer and volleyball in high school, and I am convinced that I have a serious addiction to Sour Patch Kids. I’m a big chess geek too; always up for a game. I can also ride a unicycle, but I am oddly below average at riding bikes. I also made balloon animals when I am bored, which is probably my most random hobby. I’m super friendly and happy to help anyone who may need help with their writing!


Intramurals, Writing Center, Sigma Alpa Phi

Leadership Experience

Member of Society of Leadership and Success


Warehouse employee for WEI

Favorite Spot on Campus

Easily the gym, it’s my home away from home

Favorite Quote

“Great moments are born from great opportunity”