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Patrick Frazier ’16, M’17




Masters in Accounting (MSA)

As a Merrimack undergrad, why did you decide to return to Merrimack for a graduate degree?

Merrimack is a great community that I’m happy to represent and very proud to be a part of. I’ve always been active within the Girard School in a variety of ways but having the opportunity to come back and work in the Girard School as a Freshmen Academic Advisor for my graduate assistantship was something I really enjoyed. I got to share my experience with current students and highlight for them the opportunities they will have over their four years at Merrimack that will shape them and prepare them for life after graduation! It was very interesting and rewarding.

Why did you choose to pursue a Masters in Accounting and how does it fit with your career goals?

I chose to pursue the MSA after working at an Accounting firm as part of the Accounting Coop program at Merrimack in my junior year. It was during this experience that I learned about the value of the CPA credentials in the field of accounting and in business as a whole. One of the requirements of the CPA certification is completion of 150 academic credits, and I decided that pursuing the MSA for one year immediately after my undergrad was the best way for me to meet this requirement. Upon completion of the MSA, I will start a full-time job at PwC.

How would you describe your academic experience in the MSA at Merrimack?

I’ve had a great experience with Merrimack over the past five years. To be honest, my experience as an Accounting undergrad at Merrimack is what led me to want to get my MSA here. I found that the professors in the grad program bring real world experiences into the classroom and are very easy to work with.

What do you value most about a Merrimack graduate education?

I most value the professors’ commitment to their students. At the graduate level and especially in the Accounting courses, many of the professors taught the class while working a full-time job and they would make a point to relate the topics we were learning about in class to relevant industry topics or challenges they faced in their day-to-day work. Despite having busy lives outside of class, these professors were driven in educating their students -- something that my fellow classmates and I really appreciated.