Girard School of Business

Alumni Profile

Kevin Frasca M’17


Part-time Student


Technical Services Representative at Epoxy Technology


The Pennsylvania State University



Why did you choose to pursue a Masters degree at Merrimack?

I chose to pursue the MSM as a way both to strengthen and to diversify my academic background. My undergraduate degree was in engineering, but I knew that in order to advance my career beyond that of a technical support role, and maintain the possibility of making a larger career change, I would need to acquire management skills as well as business skills, such as accounting and finance. When I looked into the Masters in Management program at Merrimack, I felt that it would help me develop these skills and launch me into a career path over which I had more control.

What was the highlight of the Masters program?

The highlights of the program for me were the Business Statistics, Accounting, and Finance courses. Having done engineering undergrad, it was no surprise to me that I most enjoyed the math-heavy courses, but what I discovered is that I enjoyed learning about each of these subjects. I particularly enjoyed the problem-solving nature of the case studies assigned in these courses. They were a lot of work, but it was rewarding to have solved the problems portrayed in each case.

How would you describe your academic experience at Merrimack?

The classes were very small, unlike my undergraduate experience where most of my classes were in very large lecture halls. I have gotten to know all of my professors very well this way, which was a huge help in successfully completing each course and in properly understanding the course material. It was also very interesting to have class with students of various undergraduate backgrounds, which helped to provide a sense of how the material in each course would have an impact on a multitude of different job types.

What do you value most about a Merrimack graduate education?

A big part of my decision to come to Merrimack was the fact that I could earn a degree in less than two years, even while only taking classes part time. The schedule was very accommodating to anyone working full-time. Since all classes are at night, I was able to complete the one-year degree in just 15 months part-time.

What advice do you have for other students considering Merrimack's Masters program?

The best advice I can offer, particularly to part-time students, is to take advantage of as many of the resources that Merrimack has to offer as you can. Going to school part-time is a very different experience than undergrad, but many of the same resources are there and available to you. Be sure to take advantage of Career Services, the library, the knowledgeable professors, the other students in the program, and even the gym!