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Jasmine Garver

Jasmine Garver hasn’t always known what her future would hold, but she did know that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping people.

“The countless possibilities of career choices inspired me to become a Psychology major. Although I did not have a pinpoint on what my future would look like, I knew that obtaining a Psychology degree would help me help others,” says Jasmine.  

That’s why she chose to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology program, taking evening classes while working full-time during the day to earn her degree and move one step closer to her goal.

Once armed with her new degree, Jasmine hopes to become a social worker specializing in family crisis management, and eventually set her sights on earning a master’s degree in social work.

Jasmine believes that Merrimack’s Psychology program is helping realize her full potential and achieve her goals, in an affordable and convenient way.

“Once I learned about the Professional Studies program, I was shocked at how affordable it actually was,” says Jasmine. “I think that including books and meals into the tuition has been amazing. It has been one less thing that I have had to worry about.”

Jasmine also credits supportive and caring professors with helping her in her path to continue her education in psychology. 

“The professors at Merrimack have been very helpful and passionate about their work. I believe that it really makes a difference in the outcome when a professor cares about what they’re teaching you,” Jasmine explains.

But her favorite part of the Psychology program by far is the program’s unique cohort model, where students begin and graduate with the same small group.

“Before attending Merrimack, I had never heard of the cohort model, but I have fallen in love with it,” says Jasmine. “There is so much support and comradery between the members of my cohort. In the short time that I have known my classmates, I have found true friends.”

There is no doubt that Jasmine will go on to achieve great things after Merrimack, but one thing she wants to impart on future students is this: “I would tell students that they have nothing to lose with this program. You get the chance to attend a great college for a highly affordable price. In addition to these benefits, every person at Merrimack is not only willing, but happy to help you.”


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