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Graduate Programs

Jessica Conger

After earning a bachelor’s degree in History in 2013, Jessica Conger-Henry found the job market in the Boston area to be tight. She decided to pursue her Master in Public Affairs at Merrimack College to expand her knowledge and skill set regarding politics and the public sector. 

“I wanted to be politically active professionally, so I had to understand how to work within the government bureaucracy.  This program allowed me to gain insight into many different aspects of policy, on the local level up to the federal level,” says Jessica. “The degree is what you make of it.  There are a variety of classes you can take every semester, so you can focus on one thing or you can study a range of topics. That appealed to me greatly.”

It has paid off big time for Jessica. While earning her MPA, she interned for Political Research Associates and graduated this spring. Jessica recently landed a job with the MBTA as the Budget Analyst and Administrator for the Customer Technology Department.

“My MPA gave me insight into how government operates and my Public Financial Management class gave me a basis for being able to work with government budgeting. Because of my professors who have a passion for public service, I was able to speak eloquently in my interviews about why I wanted to work for the public instead of in the private sector,” says Jessica.

Merrimack’s Master of Public Affairs program gave Jessica the competitive edge she needed to start her career in the public sector and ultimately achieve her goals.


Master of Public Affairs, 2017