Hands to Help

Meet the Staff

Sandy Almonte


Sandy has over 20 years working with victims of crime. During this time, she has worked with victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and hate crimes. In addition, she works with bereavement survivors and substance abuse clients. She began her work with children that were sexually assaulted and their families in New York City. She then joined the Women’s Resource Center as a Sexual Assault Counselor and Community Educator. She was responsible for organizing the sexual assault support groups and community activities, as well as developing a community educational curriculum.

In 1999, she went to work for The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA as a Domestic Violence (DV) Specialist for the North East and Central Region of MA. In 2001, she became the North East Supervisor.  In 2013 she began to work for the Department of Housing and Community Development as a North East Regional Supervisor for the Division of Housing Stabilization. 

In 2003 Sandy Almonte co-founded Delamano, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides safe-homes for victims of DV.  Sandy continues to be a board member of Delamano Inc.  Sandy has received several recognitions at the state and local level for her work with victims of crime.

Sandy is currently graduate student in the Community Engagement program at Merrimack College, with a concentration in Higher Education.  Sandy is doing her fellowship at Hands to Help, a community resources organization.