Girard School of Business

Alumni Profile

Matthew Raitt, M’13




Coordinator of Custom Accounts, Kapa Biosystems


Masters in Management

Why did you choose to pursue a Masters degree at Merrimack?

I have a science background and had been working as a lab technician in the medical devices industry. I knew that to advance my career I would need to gain finance, management and critical thinking skills. I felt a masters in management degree would focus on helping me develop the specific skills I needed to enhance my science and lab experience without requiring a significant business background.

How would you describe your academic experience at Merrimack?

My classes were small and they were taught by experienced professors who shared their expertise and related it in a way that was useful to me. My professors pushed me to not just take things at face value, to look at problems from a variety of perspectives, and to develop effective communication strategies that work. Through group work, I was exposed to a variety of people with different backgrounds and perspectives, and we used technology to collaborate effectively on presentations and other projects.

What relevant skills did you gain to help advance your career goals?

I am currently managing multiple VIP accounts for my company. There is a high demand for critical thinking skills to manage time, maintain inventory, delegate tasks, analyze budgets, and conduct quarterly forecasting. These are all skills I honed through the MSM program at Merrimack. My ability to manage, organize and manipulate spreadsheet data has enabled me to understand the financial aspects and fine details required by many of my customers. I am better able to plan ahead and anticipate inventory and product management needs. Being able to delegate tasks and anticipate problems while working in a small department requires leadership, collaboration and communication – all of which were enhanced through my experiences in the MSM.