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Kenneth Baldwin ’14, M’15

Kenneth Baldwin ’14, M’15 works at Parsons Buick of Plainville where he manages the company’s social media accounts and website to make sure monthly promotions and specials are up to date and that the user experience is informative and accessible. He drives interested customers to the dealership through email marketing and helps with dealership advertising in web, print and TV. 




Internet Marketing Manager at Parsons Buick Company of Plainville


Masters in Management (MSM)

Why did you choose to pursue a Masters degree at Merrimack?

I chose Merrimack for my MSM because I was familiar with the school and was able to start taking courses in the spring semester of my senior year through the GradAdvantage program. The one-year format of the MSM was a real plus because it enhanced the skills I learned in my undergraduate business degree and got me into the job market quickly.

What courses do you think most prepared you for the work you are doing now?

My Masters in Management helped me prepare for my experience by firming up my understanding of the core aspects of the business through a management lens. I cannot say a particular course prepared me the most but the experience certainly helped me become a better time manager and a efficient manager.

What was the highlight of the Masters program?

The highlight for me was the case competition in the Marketing Analysis course. It really challenged my undergrad focus in marketing at Merrimack and was a unique way to approach a case study.

How would you describe your academic experience in the MSM at Merrimack?

It was intense. The expectations and coursework varied depending on the professor but there was a lot to cover in one year so the professors worked hard to make sure to cover as much as they could and make it as engaging as possible. The graduate courses built on the knowledge I gained in my undergrad degree but forced me to go the extra mile to develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills necessary to make sure I fully understood the material.

What do you value most about a Merrimack graduate education?

I liked that I could get a taste of the MSM courses in my senior year, which made for a smooth transition into the program. It meant that I was familiar with the program and the professors and knew the high quality of the education I would be receiving. It was a dynamic one-year program that helped to distinguish me in the job market.