Isabelle D. Cherney

Academic Title

  • Dean, School of Education & Social Policy

Additional Titles

  • Professor, Education

Administrative Support

  • Child Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Education
  • Gender Development
  • Leadership
  • STEM

I am internationally recognized for my research on the development of cognitive and social-cognitive gender differences, children’s rights and my many articles on the scholarship of teaching and learning. I have presented my research at more than 130 national and international conferences and published dozens of articles with undergraduate co-authors.

My research on toys and gender has earned, among others, invitations from the White House and “Good Morning America.” My findings have been published, among others, in The New York Times Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News and several New York Times bestsellers and peer-reviewed articles.

I am currently working on the ancillaries for a Taylor & Francis textbook on gender development and a chapter entitled “Characteristics of Masculine and Feminine Toys and Gender-Differentiated Play.” I have published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and chapters.

  • Ph.D. Educational Psychology & Cultural Studies University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • M.A. Psychology University of Nebraska, Omaha
  • B.A. Psychology Creighton University
  • Children’s Rights
  • Cognitive Development
  • Gender Development
  • Gender Difference
  • Scholarship of Teaching
  • Spacial Skills

Cherney, I. D. (in press). “Characteristics of Masculine and Feminine Toys and Gender-Differentiated Play.” In Erica S. Weisgram & Lisa M. Dinella, “Gender-Typing of Children’s Toys.” American Psychological Association.

Cherney, I. D. & Francis, A. (2016). “Growing Up Male of Female: Selected Historical Influences on the Psychology of Gender and Gender Development.” In W. D. Woody, R. L. Miller, & W. J. Wozniak (Eds.) “Psychological Specialties in Historical Context: Enriching the Classroom Experience for Teachers and Students,” pp. 289-301. Retrieved from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Toohey, S., & Cherney, I. D. (2014). “What Makes Young Women More Resilient? Leadership, Work, Independence and Participation.” Scholars’ Press. ISBN: 978-3-639-70102-9.

Cherney, I. D., Bersted, K., & Smetter, J. (2014). “Training Spatial Skills in Men and Women.” “Perceptual and Motor Skills,” 119, pp. 82-99.

Doyle, R., Voyer, D., & Cherney, I. D. (2012). “The Relation Between Childhood Spatial Activities and Spatial Abilities in Adulthood.” Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 33, 112-120.

Cherney, I. D., & Campbell, K. (2011). “A League of Their Own: Do Single-Sex Schools Increase Girls’ Participation in the Physical Sciences?” Sex Roles, 65, 712-724.

Cherney, I. D., & Dempsey, J. (2010). “Young Children’s Classification, Stereotyping and Play Behavior for Gender-Neutral and Ambiguous Toys.” Educational Psychology,30, (6), 651-669.

  • Teaching for Tomorrow, Omicron Delta Kappa, 2009.
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, Creighton University, 2008.
  • Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2007.
  • Teaching Award, Delta Zeta, 2006.
  • Dean’s Award for Advising, Creighton University, 2005.