Erin Kaminski, MEd’15


  • Wellness Educator

I found my passion for health and wellness as an undergraduate student at Bridgewater State University. Through studying psychology and working at the Y, wellness became important for me personally, and I found herself wanting to share that with my friends and family. 

While completing my master’s degree at Merrimack, I thoroughly researched wellness models and best practices in wellness education. I continued to promote student wellness as an area coordinator at Becker College, implementing the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program and managing a health and wellness living-learning community. 

I enjoy being able to talk with students about spirituality, fitness and mental health — and about how balancing a healthy dinner with a bowl of coffee ice cream is perfectly OK! 

On Staying Healthy

Exercise is truly the best form of therapy — especially running! It isn’t about how fast you go, just that you keep going. Getting my heart pumping, the feel-good endorphins flowing and completing a run or workout is the best feeling. No matter if I had a rough day or a great day, exercising only makes the day better!

On Staying Motivated

When I need a little boost in motivation, I think of my two mantras: “She believed she could, so she did,” and “With brave wings, she flies.” They remind me of how much I’ve accomplished in life thus far, no matter the obstacle that was in my way.

  • M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, Merrimack College
  • B.S., Psychology, Bridgewater State University