Unity House


Ricky Santosuosso


  • Task Force Member, Administration

Major: Chemistry/Biology
From: Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Preferred Pronouns: He/him/his Club
Association/E-board Position: Concert choir
Group on Task Force: Administration

Ignorance and closed-mindedness greatly hinder collaboration and the ease with which one shares a social atmosphere. It is not only my desire, but my obligation to share my knowledge to educate those who want to know more about diversity, so that they can be more involved with and sympathetic toward the people around them. So much hate and negativity can be squelched if people only took the time to listen and make themselves aware of the issues that may not directly affect them, but affect the people they interact with. By collaborating with Unity House, I hope to share my wisdom and offer a greater perspective to enlighten those who seek it.