Mark Allman

Academic Title

  • Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education and Faculty Affairs

Additional Titles

  • Professor, Religious and Theological Studies
  • Political Economy and Social Ethics
  • War and Peace Studies
  • Catholic Social Thought

My first book, “Who Would Jesus Kill? War, Peace & the Christian Tradition” won the College Theology Society Book of the Year Award. My second book, “After the Smoke Clears,” examines post-war ethics and just war theory. My third book, “The Almighty and the Dollar,” is a collection of commentaries on the US economy through the lens of Catholic Social Thought. My other areas of research include poverty and development, the global water crisis, business ethics, and teaching ethics to contemporary undergraduates.

  • Ph.D. Theology Loyola University of Chicago
  • Ethics of War and Peace
  • Political Theology
  • Poverty and Development
  • Catholic Social Thought
  • Business Ethics
  • Edward G. Roddy Outstanding Teacher of the Year, Merrimack College, 2011.
  • Book of the Year Award (for “Who Would Jesus Kill? War, Peace and the Christian Tradition”), College Theology Society, 2009.