Seungbin Oh

Academic Title

  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Administrative Support

  • Multicultural and social justice issues in counseling
  • Counseling process and client outcomes (e.g., the impact of multicultural and social justice competence on aspects of counseling process and client outcome)
  • Scale Development
  • Expressive art in child and adolescent counseling

My primary research area has focused on the effect of multicultural and social justice issues on the psychological well-being of our clients with culturally diverse backgrounds as well as the impact of counselors’ multiculturally competent behaviors on counseling process and client outcomes. Specifically, I examine how intersectionality of cultural identities, systemic oppression and discrimination, and marginalization influence psychological well-being of clients, as well as investigate how competence in the area of cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills manifest in a counselor’s practice, with the goal of identifying specific behaviors and interventions that are important to better support the unique needs of clients with culturally diverse backgrounds. My other research interest includes the expressive art in child and adolescent counseling, exploring the effect of art and play therapy as developmentally appropriate and effective interventions for children and adolescent with various concerns.

  • Ph.D. Counselor Education University of Central Florida
  • M.S. Mental Health Counseling Emporia State University
  • M.S. Art Therapy Counseling Emporia State University
  • B.A. Business Administration Dankook University
  • B.E. Economics Dankook University
  • Cultural and social issues in counseling
  • Assessment & Training of Multicultural Counseling Competence
  • Expressive Art in Counseling

Oh, S., Hahs-Vaughn, D., & Hagedorn, W. B. (Accepted). The relationship between cultural factors, academic aptitude, and counseling self-efficacy. Counselor Education and Supervision

Kim, N., Oh, S., & Mumbauer, J. (Accepted). Supporting international students: Enhancing college counselors’ multicultural counseling competence. Journal of College Counseling

Shillingford, A., Oh, S., & DiLorenza, A. (2018). Using the multi-phase model of psychotherapy, counseling, human rights, and social justice to support Haitian immigrant students. The Professional Counselor

Oh, S., Mitchell, M., Mckinzie, C., Rendon Finnell, L., Saliba, Y., Heard, N., & Pennock, E. (2018). Journal sharing on group cohesion and goal attainment in experiential growth groups. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 43(3). doi:10.1080/01933922.2018.1484541

Shillingford, A., Oh, S., & Finnell, L. R. (2018). Perceptions of parents of color towards STEM professions: A school counselor leadership engagement. Special Issue in Professional School Counseling Journal, 21(1b), 1-11. doi:10.1177/2156759X18773599

 Shillingford, A., Oh, S., & Mitchell, M. (2018). Post Modern Approaches to Career Theory. In C. William’s, Career, life-style, spiritual development: Work, purpose, calling, and god. San Diego: Cognella Academic Publishing.

Acquaye, H. E., Mitchell, M., Saliba, Y., Oh, S., & Heard, N. (2018). Optimism in trauma and growth; A path analysis of former war-related displaced persons. Journal of Pedagogical Research, 2(1), 16-29.

Oh, S., Jones, K. D., & Shillingford, A. (2017). Multicultural competent assessment: Guidelines for multicultural interviewing. Virginia Counselors Journal, 35, 66-75.

  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Quantitative Methodologies, University of Central Florida
  • Courtland C. Lee Multicultural Excellence Scholarship Award, American Counseling Association (ACA), 2018
  • Doctoral Research Support Award, University of Central Florida (UCF), 2018
  • Donald Hood Student Research Grant, Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC), 2017
  • AMCD Research Grant Award, Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD), 2017
  • CSI Excellence in Counseling Research Grant, Chi Sigma Iota (CSI), 2017
  • AMCD Research Grant Award, the Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD), 2016